Need a picture guide of the different USB connectors?
First I'll start with a quick rundown on what USB is. Then we can
look at the different types of connectors and their uses.

USB, or
Universal Serial Bus has become the standard for serial
interface connectivity among peripherals. Most all computers,
regardless of brand, are sold with built-in USB ports now days.

In the Apple/iMac world, USB replaced the Apple Desktop Bus,or
ADB. In the world of PC, USB has quickly replaced the standard
PS/2 Connection. While many computers still come with both, USB
and PS/2, the PS/2 connectors are quickly being phased out as
more systems are being built w/out PS/2 at all. Many laptops are
now shipped without PS/2 connections. However, for those with an
ample investment in PS/2 peripherals, (such as keyboards, mice,
speakers, etc.) there is a large variety of adapters available.
Standard, USB A to USB B Cable
With the uses of USB climbing through the roof, the number of
different kinds of USB connections are climbing just as fast. Do you
know the Difference from a USB A connector to a USB B? What
about a mini B? Did you know there is
both, USB Mini-B 4 pin AND a
USB Mini-B 5 pin?

Read on and study the pictures within for further help.

USB A is the longest (or widest) of the USB connectors. It is also the
single most common. Nine times out of 10, the USB A connector is
the unit you'll find on your computer or laptop. The Uses of USB-A
Type connectors are mostly serial. Your standard peripherals such
as Keyboards, Mice, Digital Cameras, Speakers, Joysticks, and
even many Printers now days. It's not the fastest connection, with a
transfer rate up to about 12Mbps.

USB B looks totally different from USB A. It is also used for serial
applications like keyboards and mice. As well as digital cameras,
Joysticks, speakers and printers. Transfer rates are the same, up to
12Mbps. When you look at B connectors compared to A, there is no
comparison. The B connector is nowhere near as wide as the A, and
is a bit taller. Three sides are straight, with one being slightly
rounded. See the accompanying pictures for more help.

USB Mini B 5 pin or Mini B 4 pin Connectors are your peripheral side
connectors. These are typically attached to devices such as MP3
players and Digital cameras. The mini-B 5 pin being the most
common. A large percentage of MP3 players and digital cameras
use it as a default standard.
USB A to Mini-B Cable
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