Surround Sound Wiring
Home Theater design is not a new idea, but it sure is a growing one! With the prices of large screen
displays dropping substantially, the average TV viewing has increased. Many folks now have a receiver
for video and a receiver for audio. Not to mention, a DVD player and VHS, high definition, surround
sound, sub woofers and even high definition. Quite a jump from the 13" black and white televisions of
our past.

Most people are finding that not only have the costs of large screen displays dropped, but so has their
audio counterparts. You can now purchase speakers individually, or in a package. Receivers can be
used to power the audio from your DVD player, CD player, Satellite or Cable reception or even your FM
radio. A good quality "home theater in a box" can be had for as little as $300 now days and will provide
an obvious increase in viewing pleasure.

Because of the volume and recent price drops, many people are now taking into account Home
Theater Design. "Surround Sound Wiring" is possible the most difficult part. Did you know there are
many types of speaker wire that you can use? Speaker Wire can be had in many gauges, shapes, and
lengths. You can find Flat Speaker Wire, or Round Speaker Wire. The surround sound wiring you plan
to do can make a big difference on what type you chose to use.

If you plan to run your wire through the walls, using a less expensive round speaker wire is fine. The
only downfall to running it through the walls is that if you don't plan for it ahead of time, you will find
yourself constantly running into unexpected headaches while trying to drill holes and whatnot.
However, when it is all said and done a good quality Audio Video Wall Plate will really clean up your
project and leave you with a professional finish.

If you still prefer round speaker wire, but don't want to drill, you can now use a special crown molding
thats designed to run speaker wire through it. This will allow you to run speaker wire through your
entire home theater, exposing a minimum amount of wire. Be warned, however, that this is not cheap.
It does provide another benefit though. The beauty of crown molding throughout your home theater will
be sure to get attention.

Another option, is flat speaker wire. Invisiwire is just that. You can run it under carpeting or other floor
times, or right up your wall. If you run it up the wall, simply paint over it for a camouflaged look. It's not
100% hidden, but it's definitely less noticeable and a big help overall. Especially if you aren't
comfortable with drilling holes in your wall.

The last thing to consider when you start your surround sound wiring is the location of the speakers.
The average 5.1 surround sound setup has 6 speakers. A Center Channel, two front speakers, two
rear speakers, and one sub woofer. Because bass is non direction you can locate the sub anywhere.
However, there are some suggestions for the remaining 5.

Locate the center where the TV is. Preferably just above it, but if your TV already sits high, than just
below it is fine.

The two fronts should be right around ear level (when you are sitting) on either side of the TV. It's okay
to move them around a bit to find out exactly how far from the TV you want them. When sounds are
buzzing through your room you want to be able to distinguish a difference from dead center to far right,
this will make viewing more enjoyable and cinematic.

The rears should be above ear level by 12 to 36 inches. Now that is quite a variable. Most settle in
around 24 inches. Again, I would suggest using this as a guide line and moving them around a bit until
you find the sound that suits you the best.

"Home Theater Design" and "Surround Sound Wiring" are more of an art than anything. You can buy all
the right products, and follow all the guidelines, but when it comes down to it... You need to make sure
it fits your viewing habits. With a little practice and some fine tuning, you'll get it just right and you'll
never want to change it!
In-wall speaker wire, 14/2
2-Cond. in 16,14,12&10AWG
Flat Invisiwire 14 & 18 AWG
In-wall speaker wire, 14/4
8 Port Banana Jack/Audio

5 RCA Component Wall Plate
Blank Wall Plates 1 - 6 Port
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