Cable Management Using the "Rack Organizer"

The "Rack Organizer" by A n D is an ingenious idea. See the pictures
to the side for clear details on how it applies. This is one major
improvement in
cable management that you won't want to miss out

Whether you run a large data center, or a small home or office
network, the rack organizer is probably a good purchase for you. The
mounting capabilities of this unit allow it slide into place without
even removing existing hardware.  (see below pic on mounting) The
mounts are open ended on one side to make this as simple as

Velcro is already in place. Being attached to the unit, the velcro will
help to eliminate "rats nests" or tangled cables.  The picture to the
right shows how easily you can run your cabling straight from your
patch panel, switch, or power strip right along the new rack organizer
without an tangles.

This unit will save you time. Troubleshooting a network is never easy
or fun and is often time consuming. When it's time to check the
cabling, simplify the job in advance by organizing the cables early on.

This unit will save you rack space. Many of todays cable
management solutions require their own rack units to be utilized.
The standard d-ring mount requires 1, 2 or even 3 rack units in order
to be attached correctly. That is wasted space when compared to the
rack organizer.

This  unit will save you money. Lets face it, time is money. The more
organized your rack is, the quicker you can trouble shoot. Density is
money. The more wasted rack space you have, the more racks you
will need, and ultimately, the more space you will need for your data
center. This unit utilizes precious rack space to it's very maximum
and is a 'zero waste' concept. Which ultimately will save you money.

Consider "Rack Organizer" an investment in your data centers future
and your company's bottom line.