Home Theater Design
In-wall speaker wire, 14/2
2-Cond. in 16,14,12&10AWG
In-wall speaker wire, 14/4
Flat Invisiwire 14 & 18 AWG
When wiring your surround sound, you may consider the use of custom wall plate jacks for audio connections. Running your
speaker wire in your walls will clean up your home theater considerably, and installing custom audio and video wall plates will
finish a great project. Find what you need in our store by clicking the pictures below!
8 Port Banana Jack/Audio
5 RCA Component Wall Plate
Blank Wall Plates 1 - 6 Port
Home Theater Design can go so much further today thanks to advancements in technology. IR technology has led to being able to
hide your HT equipment behind solid walls rather than glass doors. Smaller speaker design has helped to hiding speakers
anywhere from mounted on a wall or shelf, to hidden 100% inside the wall. Wireless has helped to clean up the living room by
eliminating the need for wires to be strewn across the floor from speaker to speaker to receiver. However, one of the single
biggest improvements maybe your remote control. Being able to control all your devices is nice, but having them 100% hidden
from view is an impressive feat. Below are links to our RF, Multi device controlling remotes. Ideal for any home theater.

Even the quality of your home theater cables has come a long way. You'll find in our store, a large variety of speaker wire for your
surround sound wiring. We have flat speaker wire, ideal for wiring your surround sound speakers when you can't place the speaker
wire in the wall. We also offer speaker wire in very large AWG sizes that will significantly help bolster your sound quality. Our speaker
wire has been tested and compared to many of the larger better known brands and constantly met or beat their standards.

Below are pictures of some of the speaker wire and surround sound wiring items available. Click for more info.
Custom RCA inserts