So What's the Deal with Lighted Keyboards?
There are so many different options for computer keyboards
nowadays it’s hard to tell which way to go when it’s time to buy a
new one! Do you go with wireless, if so, which one? A deluxe
Multimedia keyboard? Again… which one? How about a lighted
keyboard, or a roll-up keyboard… which one? There are thousands
out there to choose from all and with different prices and options
and colors and buttons. (well, most the buttons are the same).

This article is aimed at helping explore just one type of keyboard for
now. The
FireFly Lighted Keyboard by Manhattan. With USB
connectivity and an EL back lighting system, the FireFly will be a
breeze to get started with. Simply plug it in to your USB port and
voila! The one major benefit to such a keyboard is in the presence of
low-light and night environments. The Sapphire Blue Electro
Luminescent (EL) Technology will help you find those keys when
other keyboards Leave you in the dark… are you a gamer? Perhaps
this keyboard is for you. Spend late hours on the PC at home or at
work? again, perhaps the FireFly Lighted Keyboard is in your future.  

Other features worth mentioning:
Multimedia Hot Keys

104 Key Layout translucent key caps, 17 media keys

Convenient EL On/Off switch

An EL lifetime of up to 5,000 hours for half brightness, and they are
fully compatible with Windows ME/2000/XP.

So all in all, we rate the FireFly very high on the scale of lighted
keyboards. Find more information on the FireFly at: http://store.tca-

Click the pictures on the right to see that keyboards specs.